Bold Metals Collection Eyes + Lips Set

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Eyes + Lips Set offers you the opportunity to always have a set of luxurious eye and lip brushes with you. Specifically, this set contains two eye brushes, one for lips and even a cup to put and store your brushes. This way you are always ready for any occasion as you have a kit that provides you with the tools you need to make a flawless make-up look.

This cruelty-free kit contains the 200 Oval Shadow Brush, a brush with a full, round shape that allows for an all-over lid application and seamless blending. With it you can apply both powder, cream and glitter eyeshadows on your eyelids. Then it also contains the 203 Tapered Shadow Brush ideal for blending eye shadows into the crease and eyelid of your eyes. So, with these two brushes you can immediately make different but cohesive and flawless looks. Finally, this kit also contains 302 Pointed Lip, a new firm and tapered brush that allows you to paint your lips through an even and smooth application. Furthermore, its shape allows you to reach the contours of your lips without fail.

This set of brushes belongs to the Bold Metals Collection brushes range. Each of them has ultra fine fibers that allow you to obtain a luxurious softness. On the other hand, its weighted handles are created to provide the maximum control and comfort possible. Moreover, any of these brushes offers high performance so that you can achieve your make-up look in a perfect and flawless way.



  • Good for: applying and blending eyeshadows and lip products;
  • Presentation: long brushes with ultra-soft bristles and a plastic cup to store your brushes.

How to use

You can use Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Eyes + Lips Set for various purposes. First, with the 200 Oval Shadow Brush, apply your eye shadows. Dip the brush into the eyeshadow and tap off excess product before applying. Then, with the 203 Tapered Shadow Brush, blend all colors for a more natural and cohesive finish. With the 302 Pointed Lip, you can apply any lip product from lipstick to lipgloss. Take the brush and remove a little product. With its tip, contour your lips and then fill them.



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