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Brow Set

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Define the perfect arch with our brow set. We have included all of the tools you need to clean up, fill in, define and shape your brows. Our slanted design allows for easy control while defining your brows.
  1. angled tweezer: stainless steel with a flat edges for expert brow shaping
  2. detailing tweezer: stainless steel with a pointed tip to clean up fine hairs
  3. slanted brow spoolie: perfectly sized for brow grooming and blending
  4. slanted arch definer: unique design allows you to plot your perfect brow shape or smudge your brow product for a natural finish 
  5. slanted brow brush: applies and blends color smoothly
  6. panoramic case: dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Stand case and insert wet brushes upside down to dry



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