Bushy Brows Mascara

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Take brows from meh to mega!

We know you're loving the bushy brow as much as we are! We tailor-made a tinted brow gel just for this voluminous, textured look.

A long-lasting eyebrow mascara gel with a super-strong hold. It shapes, separates, lifts, and sets brows in place all day. 

We custom-designed a mini but mighty spoolie to coat each hair with the precise amount of product. 

Brush brows up for feathery fullness and it will hold those hairs mid-air. 

With our vegan eyebrow gel, brows stand up and stay up! 

Now you can have bushy brows whether you were #blessed with them or not.

WHAT IT DOES: Shapes voluminous, bushy brows in a stroke. Tints, tames, adds texture. Holds brows up and keeps them up with super-strong yet flexible formula.

WHAT IT WON'T DO: Feel crunchy. Lose shape or flake off. Give you overdone, fake insta-brows.



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