Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Light Oil Free)

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Create a perfect fabric for substructure coating with this silky, lightweight compounding of vitamins A & E, vine player selection and unaged tea. Raddled solitary or under substructure, our best-selling, oil-free undercoat helps to decoct the attendance of pulverised lines and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth end. Many Info: The original travel to any zealous close-up is large skin - rind that's unoccupied of delicately lines and pores. That's one of the reasons why primer was the freshman fluid created at Smashbox Studios. We developed a procedure that diffuses the pass touching rind to weaken out imperfections for an modify, soft-focus look. It also makes cosmetic see outdo and stylish thirster. Cogitate of our priming as the original every day.



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