Pure Makeup Sanitizer: 99.9% Alcohol

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Sanitizing and disinfecting your makeup and brushes just got better and faster with Pretty Girl's PURE: 99.9% Alcohol.

  • Dries quickly in seconds without soaking your makeup
  • Disinfect in seconds during a gig
  • Sanitize without damaging your makeup
Some tips from the experts:
Eyeshadows / Compact Powders / Gel Liners:
Skim the top layer with tissue and then spritz it quickly with PURE and let it dry. 
Turn your lipstick tube up slightly and wipe off the top layer of lipstick with tissue. Pour a small amount of PURE into a glass and dip the exposed layer into the alcohol for 30 seconds. Place clean tissue on a flat surface and lay out to dry.
Sharpen your eyeliner and spritz with PURE.
Spot clean by spritzing a little amount on your brushes to quickly disinfect your brush.



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