Shade + Light Contour Brush

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The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Brush is a dual ended brush that was designed with an angled end for contouring and a taped dome end for highlighting. I don’t typically like dual ended brushes but this comes in its own protective case (That kinda looks like a coffin! How morbid am I?). So this kinda sorta makes me a little happy as the main reason I hate double ended brushes is because they get ruined during storage.

If you’re a contour junkie it is pretty handy to have one brush to do the job. These bristles are very soft without shedding issues. So far I’ve washed it three different times and the bristles retain their shape, it dries fast, and I experienced no issues with shedding.

The brush is quite well made and in theory the idea behind it is great. It provides two ends for perfect contouring work. However, I find it isn’t quite the best blending brush in the world for contour work. I’m not a contouring expert but I think a denser bristled brush does do a better job of blending out darker contouring shades. The bristles are just a little too soft and a little too floppy for seamless blending.



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